On Tuesday afternoon, my soccer team and I drove down to Denver to play in the 2A State Championship against Dawson. This was our second year in a row playing against them in the final game, and our second consecutive year winning the state title! To play in that stadium for the state title was such an honor and an amazing opportunity, one that I will cherish for many, many years.

Our opponent, as I mentioned previously, was Dawson. Earlier this season, we suffered a frustrating loss against them on our home turf (2-3) during an odd game which included a lightning hold that lasted for 1 1/2 hours in the middle of the second half. This loss dropped our team to the second seed in the state tournament, which fueled our fire that much more when we learned that we would play them in our concluding 80 minutes of the season. An eventful game, where we started out a bit disorganized, yet recollected to form one mind throughout, resulted in a satisfying 7-0 score, the largest winning margin by which any team has procured in the entirety of Colorado State Finals. 6 out of 7 of the goals scored in the duration of the game were scored by different players on the field, which is a remarkable achievement. We truly achieved our goal set out by our team before the game began: to best our previous selves and to play with one mind.

Ultimately, I could not be happier to end off the season this way, and to achieve this amazing feat with some amazing people made it that much better! ⚽️ On to the next!