Welcome back!!

A few days ago, I returned from a month-long camp in Zermatt, Switzerland!

Despite the fact that we had tons of weather days — meaning we couldn’t ski due to wind or excessive amounts of snow up on the glacier — I had a productive and enjoyable camp!! We ended up training 13 days on snow (despite initially planning for 20). While it wasn’t always easy to take days off when we wanted to be shredding bumps on the glacier, my teammates and I soaked in the amazing qualities Zermatt has to offer: decadent food, gorgeous landscapes, and fun hikes to explore. Beyond adventuring outside, I also worked through a good chunk of the online course I began in September and finished several books. (If anyone’s looking for a fresh read, Just Mercy and Invisible Man were some of my favorites from the past month!)

Hannah and Nick on a hike during one of our weather days early on in camp.
A typical weather day morning of reading & schoolin’.
A yuuuummy lunch I made on a rainy weather day. (:
Exploring the suspension bridge on a weather day with Taylah, one of my Aussie friends!
The girls and I on the 5 Lakes hike on a weather day.
On a hike during our first weather day of camp.

The training venue at Zermatt is the first full course I’ve skied in several months, so I largely focused on ironing out the creases in my competition run throughout camp. This year, my trick package will be the same as last year’s: back full to cork 7. After officially completing my second preparation season of training this run, I’m excited to say that it’s steadily becoming more consistent and refined as a whole. Not only do I believe in my potential to execute my tricks, but also in the consistency and cleanliness of my skiing. When my new improvements in ski technique survived the test of the tougher conditions Zermatt has to offer, I felt liberated. Though I haven’t put my improvements under the scope of competition just yet (that’ll be the real test of the work I’ve put in!), I feel as though it’s all falling into place! With another preparation season under my belt, I feel more confident and ready than ever. 

Jumping in front of the Matterhorn!

One of my favorite runs from Zermatt!


Right now, I have two weeks at home in Park City with my family. As I’ve spent time hitting the reset button by watching Frankie play soccer, doing yoga, and climbing with friends, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to live where I do, surrounded by people I love!

…a frolicking friend…
…and more friends!

These treasured moments will allow me to appreciate what’s to come in November and December: final preparations in Sweden, the World Cup season kickoff in Ruka, Finland, and a competition double-header in Thaiwoo, China. More than anything, I feel a sense of calm enveloping me when it comes to competition and training. I know what it takes to ski my best, and I feel up to fulfilling that challenge this upcoming competition season! Most importantly, though, I plan to take things day by day and value each moment as I live it!

For more glorious photos featuring the Matterhorn, scroll down…

The Matterhorn at sunset… Ooo la la!
The Matterhorn and I!
Hannah and the Matterhorn!
Myself, Hannah, and the Matterhorn!
Jaelin and the Matterhorn!
Some of the girls and the Matterhorn. This is one of my favorite photos from camp!

All the best,