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TeamLivy Update #2 : July 5, 2016
Happy Independence Day! Here is the latest TeamLivy update!

Off to Whistler

On June 15th, I boarded a plane to travel to Whistler, British Columbia (Canada) for 2 weeks of training on snow! Whistler is one of the liveliest, most exciting places I’ve traveled to for skiing. It’s also one of my favorite places to explore! In the village, there are many shops and countless activities to do. Once landed in Vancouver, it’s about a 2 – 2.5 hour drive north to get to the secluded yet well-known ski area of Whistler. In the summer, we ski on the glacier and in order to get up to the glacier every day, you must take 3 chairlifts and a bus. Although down in Whistler village, it may be the picture perfect summer day, each chairlift ride up the mountain gives way to a slightly chillier atmosphere, until you burst out into a full-on winter scene when you step off of the highest chairlift reaching the glacier. On some days, if you are lucky, you can even spot a mama bear and her cubs on the way up the first chairlift! By the end of the day, the snow generally turns to slush on the glacier because of how quickly it warms up. And on some nights, it can even get cold enough to snow a few inches up there.


Whistler was my first on snow camp of my summer, my second will take place in Australia in August. The purpose of the Whistler camp was to work on each part of my ski run separately so that I can put the pieces together in a top to bottom run (or runs similar to what I’d complete during competition) in Australia and Switzerland later in the preparation season. Throughout the duration of this camp, I focused on my technical work with skiing (having a taller stance as a whole), progressing my back full (CLICK FOR VIDEO – a jump that I would like to integrate into my competition run for the majority of this upcoming season) and refining my backflip and 360! Looking back at the camp as a whole, as well as each day within it, I am very satisfied with how my technique in all areas of my run is progressing.

Trying Something New

During this Whistler trip, although it was quite similar to former training camps, one part that was new to me was the fact that I had to cook and feed myself throughout the entire trip. Before being a part of the US Ski Team, my Steamboat coach, Kate, had directed the endeavor of cooking team meals. Although I’ve helped out in the past, I’ve never had to completely organize it on my own. On this trip, my roommates and I, collaborated with one another to go grocery shopping, cook, and clean, all the while making sure that we were keeping up with a healthy diet. Throughout the eleven dinners we cooked together, I found it really fun to prepare and try new foods, and meet successes – and failures – in the kitchen! Some of my favorite dinners we made were steak kabobs and stuffed peppers!

A Fun Surprise for My Grandmother!

After two weeks well-spent in Whistler, I traveled to my new home in Park City, Utah. While I was in Whistler, my family spent several days moving our family from Vail, Colorado, to Park City! When I landed in Salt Lake City, my dad and I drove to Park City, where I spent two hours in our new home, unpacking and repacking to get ready for my next set of travels to New York! The same night that I arrived home from Whistler, my family and I boarded a red-eye flight in order to surprise my grandmother in Southampton, NY. This exciting trip was all thanks to my grandfather, who coordinated the whole event in order to surprise my Grandmother!


The four days that I spent in New York was the only time available for me to do this because of my rigorous training schedule. Unfortunately, I’m unable to see my extended family as much as I’d like to because of my training and competition schedule, which runs throughout the entire year. Surprising my grandmother was really fun, as she was beyond excited when my family and I walked through her door the next morning. During our stay in NY, we spent time at the beach, complete with lots of rest and relaxation. It was a peaceful time and I appreciate having a break and visiting with family, however, I’m also thrilled to get going with my training again!

The I-Tri Girls

During my break in New York, I additionally had the amazing opportunity to meet with a group of young girls who are part of a non-for-profit organization called “i-Tri Girls”. The I-Tri Girls is an organization (based out of The East End of Long Island, New York) that helps girls a little younger than myself to find their inner athlete through training for a triathlon that takes place in late July. During their training sessions, the girls find confidence while learning valuable skills that will serve them in all areas of their lives, such as nutrition, goal setting, visualization, and much more. When going to speak with the girls, I had the honor of sharing my story and connecting with them through sport.


I also ran a question and answer session, in which the girls asked meaningful and genuine questions. During my time I spent with them, it was evident to me that they all have very kind hearts, and will accomplish so much throughout their lives – they already have! It’s so amazing that the girls will be competing in their first triathlon ever, when some have only just learned how to swim or bike! Frankly, they all are an inspiration to me!

Back to Training

This morning I said goodbye to my family and boarded another plane traveling to Steamboat, CO. Over the next few weeks, I will be water ramping and dryland training in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, as well as back home in Park City, Utah. In Steamboat, I will have the opportunity to train with my former coaches for a week, which I am immensely excited for. Then, when I return to Utah, I will finally get to unpack my room from the move, and get completely settled in my new home as my second water ramp camp with the US Ski Team starts up in mid-July.

I hope that you’ve had a great fourth of July!! And most of all, thank you for your continuous support as I go along my journey! I am very grateful for all of you!

Best, Olivia