Hi Everyone!

TeamLivy Update #5 : October 5, 2016

Winter is coming! The leaves are just about finished changing colors and snow has been flying a bit here in Park City! You can feel that winter is just around the corner. It has been nice to be home this past month, enjoying the changing of the seasons in Park City, focusing on school and some last minute summer prep training.

Training the Details

This past month has been a month of repetition within my training back on the water ramps at the Utah Olympic Park. My main goal of this past training block has been to fix up the little details in my preparation that will make a large difference come time to perform. Specifically, in my jumping over the past few weeks, I upped the consistency of each of my tricks, reinforcing a straight and tight body-line with each time I go off of the ramp. Additionally, a huge portion of my ramp training incorporated speed changes (moving up and down the ramp so that I can get adjusted to all speeds at a split second’s notice). This was one of my largest takeaways from the competition in Australia: in order to compete my back full to the best of my ability, I need to be able to immediately register my speed and adjust my takeoff accordingly. (CLICK HERE to view my Australian Nationals competition run).

During this last training block on the water ramps, several concepts have clicked for me with my jumping; I’m quite satisfied with my progression and the improvements I’ve made, and am beyond ready to continue this positive trajectory and get to snow!


Another tactic I have taken this past month in order to make my back full a bit easier and to begin getting some miles on a new trick, is that I have begun to work on a double full (back-flip with 2 rotations) both on tramps and on ramps! I am super excited about this; although I know I have a long way to go before getting the trick on snow and in competition, I’m taking an active step towards one of my long term career goals which is to perform this trick in my competition run.

This month also gave me the opportunity to get some finishing touches on my strength before the season and traveling really kicks in. It has been great to work out each day in the Center of Excellence, with strength coaches who are able to give me undivided attention. While at home, I have also been able to put in extra focus on my schoolwork, which has been an added bonus. Each one of my classes at Stanford OHS has been quite enjoyable thus far, and I am looking forward to learning much more over the course of the year!


Next Stop – Zermatt, Switzerland

This Monday I leave for my next on-snow training in Zermatt, Switzerland. Last year, I traveled to Zermatt as well, and it was a wonderful experience – definitely my favorite training trip of the year! I am enthusiastic to travel back there, to progress with my training further, and possibly to explore Switzerland a bit more!

I am Going to Ruka!

Finally, to cap off my month at home, I received the wonderful news that I will be representing USA and competing at the first World Cup of the year in Ruka, Finland on December 10!! This means that upon returning from Switzerland, two weeks later I will travel to Tignes, France for final on-snow training to prepare for this world cup. From France, my team and I will travel to Ruka, Finland, in the beginning of December for last minute preparations and the competition on December 10th. I’m beyond ecstatic for this upcoming opportunity; it feels as though my hard work and sacrifice has begun to pay off… I’m thrilled to see what is in store for me in the near future.

Thank you all for your kindness and support as always! I would not have the opportunities I currently do without you all standing behind me! Thank you! 🙂

Best, Olivia 🙂